How I can Help

Ongoing Bookkeeping

The day-to-day grind you want to get away from. I’ll handle the categorizing and reconciling, so you can get back to focusing on your clients and growing your business. Monthly reports will provide a clear picture of your company’s health so you can make informed business decisions with confidence.

Also available as a Quarterly/Biweekly options.

Starting at $450/month, however the services  will be customized for your specific business needs.

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Clean-up/Catch-up (Messy Books!)

Your financial statements should guide all of your business decisions — but if your books are a mess, you’re flying blind. If the books have been piling up, I can help. Give me a call and let’s get you caught up so you can get an accurate picture of your company’s financials. 

QBO Onboarding

Tired of running your business from spreadsheets and Post-its?  Or maybe you’re just starting out and need some help with the QuickBooks Setup?  

Mistakes made in your intial QBO setup can be time-consuming to correct.  We’ll talk about your business, your reporting and accounting needs, and I’ll customize QBO to get you set up right the first time. 

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QuickBooks Online is the industry standard in cloud-based financial software for small businesses.  Your data is always yours, and you’ll have access to it anytime from anywhere.

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Diagnostic Review/Check-up

Does it seem like the numbers just don’t add up, but you can’t find the problem? Or maybe you simply want a second set of (trained) eyes to make sure everything is accurate. 

A QBO Review is a deep dive into your QBO file to assess the health of your data, diagnose any problems, identify transactions that need to be brought up-to-date, and determine the level of clean-up needed. You’ll get a detailed report on how your books are doing and recommendations on services you might need.

Starting at $350.

==== I do not offer payroll services at this time ====

Crystal's (BlueStone Bookkeeping) provided a thorough review of my recent LLC setup; clarified and corrected transaction errors, gave me clear professional bookkeeping advice, and sound recommendations for the business’s future development. Impressed with the audio track imbedded in one email in response to a lengthy email, that added warmth, humor and a personal touch. Woodrow & Cherrill LLC will always seek her support going forward."
H. Woodrow
Woodward & Cherrill, LLC

Are you ready to let go of the stress of bookkeeping so you can focus on growing your business?